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Kirstin Heyne – Team Leader

My name is pronounced “curse tin hine,” just so you know, and I like my ice cream chunky. I graduated from IUP in 2006 with a B.A. in History and moved to Pittsburgh two years later to serve on the Pittsburgh Metro team. I love people (especially college students), laughter, board games, and going on adventures of all sizes. My favorite part of ministry is getting to see students take the next step in their walks with Jesus, becoming more like Him in the process.





Jason & Maria Weimer – Team Leader
jweimer25@gmail.com, ma.weimer1@gmail.com

I graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from Penn State in 2002. I came to know Jesus there as a freshman and developed a heart for Jesus, students, and the Great Commission. Maria and I have been married since May 24, 2003 and love living in the city with our little girls, Hannah & Evie!.   I spend my free time watching and writing about college football, trying not to become too entangled in LOST, inventing games which I either play with others or by myself (very entertaining), and spending time having fun with my family. Iam very fond of Bruce Springsteen, Coca-Cola, and PSU football.

I (Maria) first met Jesus at Penn State and graduated from there in 2003 with a degree in English.  I was involved with Cru for 4 years as a student and loved the amazing community that I had and grew leaps and bounds in my new faith in Jesus.  I love my job, especially coaching staff through the tough life issues that make us all more like Jesus!  I like anything chocolate, and I love to watch good movies, read great books, and enjoy delicious coffee! We love being on staff and we are passionate about helping students become lovers of Jesus who will be lifelong laborers for Him.

Dawnielle Schell


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Fe bioFe Grasso

Fe’s story transcends words.

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